Vertical Flow-Pack

This type of very high speed automatic machines enables the packaging to be produced simultaneously with the filling operation, using material on a roll.

These machines are used to produce bags and packs in a variety of versions for many types of foods: solid, fresh, pasteurised or sterilised food, food in pieces or packaged in modified or aseptic atmosphere, etc.

Vertical flow-pack machines enable the production of pillow and 4-side seal bags.

The first are characterised by a longitudinal junction that crosses (usually half way) the two transversal seals delimiting the bag. Seals junctions are made by heat-sealing carried out on overlapping flaps (sealable material on both faces) or by matching the internal surface of the material being used (fin-sealed bags).

In 4-side seal bags, two materials that can even be of different types, are overlapped and sealed on the four sides. Depositing of the product takes place before each welding if in powder or granules, after the first three if liquid. The bag is suitable for small size packs and multipacks.

This technology allows, via a gas flushing process, to reach a residual Oxygen of less than 3%.

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